Dynamic bicycle correct posture | Precautions

Dynamic bikes have many places that need to be paid in the process of use, if the posture is incorrect, not only can’t exercise, but also cause harm to the body. The four main points of the motion bicycle use the posture 1, the seat height should first check and adjust the dynamic bicycle before using the motion bike, from the beginning to avoid part of the damage, and move with the most accurate and comfortable posture. The most appropriate height of the dynamic bicycle seat is the height of the hip near the bicycle, so that the pedal can form a slight curvature in the knee joint when the pedal is at the lowest point. Do not adjust too much, otherwise it will apply too much pressure on the knee, the knee joint has a lot of damage risk; do not adjust too high, so it is not conducive to force. 2, the seat and handle distance the seat and the hand will lead to the distance between the body and the handle, so that the knee joint will apply pressure to the knee joint, resulting in a relatively large harm. When using a dynamic bicycle, the knee should not exceed the tip of the foot, but the seat cannot be too far from the handle. 3, the handle height, some people like to adjust the handle of the motion bike when the riding is bicycle, so that the back ridge has a large curved curness, and the whole body is a bow. At the beginning of the first exercise, I may feel that this posture is more handsome, a type, and convenient legs; but long-term exercise will cause adverse effects on the spine, especially the cervical vertebrae, and the lumbar, severe words may have to visit. In general, after adjusting the seat, adjust the handle to the height of the seat, the back is straight, and it is possible to move properly. 4, do not add resistance to the spinning bike, there is also a brake system, but the wheel in the motion bicycle is much better than ordinary bicycles. If it is not controlled, it is likely to be injured. It can be applied appropriately to the body to properly add some resistance according to its own leg forces and physical tolerance, and use brakes reasonably. The reduction of the damping of the dynamic bicycle is great, but it is also because the intensity intensity is relatively large, it is easy to hurt, and must pay attention to the correct posture and exercise arrangement in the exercise process.