Elliptical movement principle | What benefits?

The elliptical machine is a popular fitness device in recent years. Many people are very curious. What is the movement of the elliptical machine, why can you get the public’s \”favor\”? To explain the motion principle of the elliptical machine, you must first introduce the shape, the outer shape of the elliptical machine can be roughly divided into three parts: armrests, flywheels, pedals, these three interconnected, coordinated sports. The elliptical apparatus is a rigid body used by the wheel components used in the flywheel according to the moving curve of the treadmill, which is a material that is more desirable to deform. When the wheel is reversed, the inertia maintains its twisted peripheral to remain unchanged, the resistance is fly and magnetic to form adjustment, and the motion trajectory of the leg is compared to the nature oval shape. Elliptic equipment is also due to its design highlights – there is no effort to use the camera’s knee joint, and there is almost no harm to the knee joint. Using elliptical equipment to avoid the impact of running on the knee joint, friction damage, etc. The movement of the elliptical equipment and the movement of the ski are very similar. It is necessary to cooperate with the upper limbs and lower limbs. It can improve the body’s coordination ability, while the muscles of the arm, thighs, waist, etc. are also exercised. . However, many elliptical entry is easy to treat them with a treadmill when using an elliptical machine, and the hand is only a stable effect of a balanced body without hard, only the legs are in force. This posture is wrong, not only the body is not exercising, but also because the hands and feet do not cooperate, so that the confrontation between the upper and lower limbs becomes more intense with the force of the leg, so that the body produces fatigue, easy to strap. Using elliptical equipment exercise, it can also prevent, decrease, relieve cervical spondylosis, shoulder inflammation, and pain in the back. Exercise and stimulate the adjustment of sciatic nerve, enhance the endurance and strength of the waist muscle, against the stimulation of the buttocks, thighs, side waist and lower abdomen, to achieve the effect of shaping. The movement intensity of the elliptical equipment is also moderately controllable. It is suitable for those who are not very high in physical quality, and those who have a body shaping weight loss require a suitable choice. The handrail of the ellipse equipment is also equipped with a heart rate sensor, the heart rate, breathing, and heat consumption of the athletes will be displayed in front of the elliptical equipment armrest in real time. This makes the athletes more accurately understand their body and exercise, and can be more scientific and reasonable planning exercise. The elliptical machine is a skill to exercise the heart and lung, but also to lose weight, but also pay attention to the amount of exercise, appropriate exercise, and remember too much.