How is the treadmill weight loss?

Many people choose running to exercise, the other is to lose weight, then how is the treadmill weight loss? The treadmill weight loss effect is very good, but in order to make the effect is better or some precautions: one, long running 1. If you want to lose weight through running, you must have more than 40 minutes, in order to make the blood in the blood to burn into the road. Sports, starting fat burning 2. The blood inside the blood is 360 card, more than the part is the amount of burning fat. It is necessary to do warm-up 1. Before running, do warm-up exercise, prevent the muscles, and heat it before running. This muscles are more elastic and soft, and it is not easy to sprain. Third, the diet is regular 1. Do not eat high heat, eat more fruits and vegetables, supplement the body vitamins, do not die weight loss 2. If you lose weight, you don’t need diet, and it is important to ensure normal intake of three meals day. Method can effectively help lose weight 3. Eat more coarse food, guarantee that sufficient protein can be taken daily, can improve the metabolism and provide an essential amino acid to exercise, eat vegetables, eat fish meat, and finally eat pasta. Fourth, try to run slowly 1. Try to lose weight, slowly promote fat burning, and will not increase the burden on the calf, you can also help lose weight on the running equipment 2. It can also accelerate the arm and foot muscles. New metabolism, having a better weight loss effect. 3. Everyone has different speeds, depending on factors such as heart rate, and the male is about 6.5-8.0, with a woman about 5-6.4. Want to have a good weight loss effect, just running in the running machine, you can combine with other sports, such as swimming, cycling, etc., reasonable diet, correct exercise, naturally lose weight.