How much is the treadmill size?how to choose?

Many people have many problems in the purchase of runners, and I don’t know how to choose running. How to choose to buy? The size of the treadmill can be considered from two aspects: 1. Overall size 1. Treadmill in order to easily meet the needs of consumers, getting higher-tech, most running The machine has foldable functions. 2. When purchasing a treadmill, you must first have a good spatial size at home, determine where the treadmill is placed, and then choose the running machine according to the size of the space. 3. Remember the reserved running space must be better than the treadmill space, because the people in the man and the arms are in the left and right, and the space is too tight to run. 4. Although the treadmill does not need to accommodate the folding daily, it can also be considered whether the size of the treadmill is convenient to accommodate the reserved space. Second, running table size running table size can also be understood as the size of the running belt. The treadmill is a power principle using the conveyor belt to enable people to run on the conveyor belt, and the size of the running tape is equivalent to the area of \u200b\u200bthe runway we run outdoors. Taking into account the overall space size and cost budget, it is generally 45cm left and right width. There will be an armrest on both sides of the treadmill, and it also guarantees the safety problem when runner movement. Today, this is just a brief introduction to the two aspects of the treadmill purchase. When you actually buy, you should be based on your true needs, and it is best to go to the physical store to feel it, so buying more, it is not wrong.