How to choose a spoken bicycle?

The dynamic bicycle is a very popular sports equipment, full of vitality, passion, and moving together with music, sweating, and takes away the fat and takes away the trouble. Many young white-collars want to buy a station at home, then how should I choose a spoken bicycle? The following Xiaobian introduces the four-point elements you should pay attention to below, how to pay attention to the bike, the quality of the bike is good, the quality is said to count, the body 1. There are many types of motion bikes on the market, the structure of the body is also Home has its own practice, like X-type design, center double front fork, V-type design 2. It is important to note whether the design itself can be evenly dispersed, so that the body can be more stable when riding Shake, the damage to the motion bicycle itself is relatively low. 3. The tube is a part that is easy to compare. The worse the round tube carrying capacity, and the thick square tube or the elliptical tube is large, the stability of the ride is better, the flywheel 1. flywheel The part to pay attention is nothing more than its material and weight, the material is generally divided into two types of iron and aluminum. 2. It is expected to go to most of the flywheels in the market, and the more advanced flying cars will be Use aluminum metal to design flywheel three, resistance brakes 1. Most of the dynamic bikes use friction to form resistance and brakes, but can not avoid a certain noise, easy to cause the resistance wheel. Wear 2. Friction The material used is important, must pay attention to maintenance problems, the motion bike is very easy to sweat, avoid iron-products rust, magnetizers 1. Magnetic control system is the use of magnets and aluminum metal contacts. The so-called eddy current is generated, the stronger the resistance of the contacted area, the stronger the resistance of vortex, which does not cause rubbing, and regardless of the resistance adjustment, stepwright There will be no friction sound, and the operation is quite smooth. In summary, what brand is good? This problem, I am afraid everyone has an answer. When buying, I must combine itself, don’t buy the most expensive, choose the most appropriate.