How to choose a treadmill shock absorbing system

Running equipment is generally equipped with a shock absorbing device system, which can better protect the body of the movie, so that users will exercise more relieved. There are many types of running equipment on the market. The brand is also different, and the shock absorbing system of running equipment is better. How to choose? 1. Most of the low-ended running equipment without the reduction of shock running equipment is mostly used in low-end, rough workmanship, and the cottage running equipment, the price is more than 500 yuan. This runner is like a slimming system, and the runner feels like running on a flat place; although the structure is simple, it seems to be easy to accommodate, but the protection of knee joint is not, even if the price is low, it is not recommended to buy, After all, the exercise is for good health, not hurt the body, don’t invert them. 2, the shock column, most running equipment shock absorption systems in the domestic running shock absorbing system are generally added under the running board to absorb the impact. Or use screws to add a shock absorber in the middle of the screw, which is mainly to make the machine more firm, longer service life, and the effect of the damper is still relatively stable, but the customer feels common when the customer is running. There is no special highlight. This type of treadmill price is generally around 1000-3000 yuan, and can consider whether to choose from according to its own needs and budget. 3, suspended shock absorption suspension shock absorption is a system with better damping effect in the running equipment shock absorbing system. The suspension is generally composed of an elastic element, a damper, and a guide mechanism, and the transmission device is used to reduce the damage to the knee joint. This type of running equipment is also better, and the impact of users from the running process is small, and it is possible to reduce the safe and healthy health of the user very well. The relative price will be relatively high, at 4500. The treadmill should pay attention to the shock absorbing device when picking up to protect the body. Different kinds of shock absorption systems are different from their treadmill prices due to their use of materials, techniques, effects, and use sensation. When they purchase, they are mainly in their own needs, and it is best to go to the physical store to feel and then choose again.