How to choose a treadmill?

As more and more people have begun to pay attention to exercise, the type of treadmill on the market is getting more and more, then how do we buy a suitable treadmill? Let’s tell you how to choose a treadmill. Select the four elements of the treadmill: First, safety is safe for security, first requiring passive safety magnetic lock function, it is to stop running the running band when your body leaves the running counter, preventing seriousness accident. At present, most treadmills in the market sales have already have this feature. Second, the most important thing is that active security guarantees, requiring the motor speed of the treadmill to be stable, and there will be no vacancy. At present, domestic well-known brands of treadmunles use Taiwan or the imported motor of the United States, and through CCC certification, it is possible to ensure the stability and reliability of the motor. Second, the size of the size 1. Selecting the treadmill first consideration should be the size of the size after the development, need to consider how much space is placed to place the machine 2. There is also a moderate space around the treadmill to ensure the smoothness of the movement, can’t Place a debris or other things 3. It also needs to consider the size of the treadmill fold. If you don’t use more space three, the brand 1. Generally, the better brand will be better, after all, well-known brands Have a good quality and safety guarantee, perfect after-sales service, etc., you can save us a lot of worries. Fourth, power 1. Need to consider whether the power of the treadmill meets the needs of the user, different weights of different weights require different power treadmills 2. People with weight and less than 100kg, choose 1.0 ~ 2.5HP home treadmill Meet the needs of exercise, 100KG or more people need to consider the commercial machine of 2.5HP or more, run the band 1. Under normal circumstances, the effective area of \u200b\u200brunning is at least 1100 * 350mm, the larger the area, but safer, but The higher the relative price. 2. Different athletes are different. The running area of \u200b\u200bthe need is also different. The average person’s running area is more suitable at 1300 * 400mm. 3. The elderly people choose the running machine to consider a longer running area, Prevent falling in motion, whether there is a folding and auxiliary mobile device after all, a treadmill is generally around 1700 * 750mm. If there is a folding and mobile function, it can save space when it is usually not used, and it is convenient for home life. . There are many products in the treadmill brand, everyone must choose carefully, multiple brand model analysis, choose the best in their capacity, best for yourself.