Is the rowing machine belong to aerobic or anhydrous exercise?

The appearance of the rowing machine suddenly set off a boom in China and got everyone’s sought after. Rowing equipment is a minority that can exercise a equipment that can be exercised. Compared to the people who are suitable for use in the treadmill, it is more extensive. Buying a rowing equipment can be placed at home not only at any time, but also meets the exercise demand of the whole family, cost performance is very high. The rowing machine can adjust the appropriate exercise resistance according to its own situation. In general, there is an oxygen exercise, and the main resistance and frequency can reach an oxygen-free motion. The rowing equipment is actually a runnering, a dynamic bicycle similar to a moving equipment in indoor simulating outdoor, and the universal person thinks is an aerobic moving equipment. There are many advantages to using rowing equipment: rowing equipment is the most moving muscle exercise, 85% of the muscle groups can get different degrees of exercise, like thighs, calves, hips, waist, back, arm and other places Can get very good exercise. At its movement, the main force part is the thigh, and long-term exercise can enhance the explosive force of the thigh. Because the muscles exercising in the rowing equipment are also very obvious, the effect of damaging the formation is also very obvious, and the body can make the body and the sense of strength, which also enhances its own mental state and the body temperament. There are some precautions that use rowing equipment to take care of it, especially some newcomers who have just entered, must pay attention to protect themselves when exercise: 1, the arm arms naturally grasps the handle of rowing machine, don’t die hard, as long as Make sure your hands will not be too relaxed to cause the handle to slip. The forearm is relaxed, keep the palm to relax the handle, if it is too force, the arm is in a state of tension confrontation, so that the body is injured. 2, the force of the force sequential rowing equipment is a certain order rather than the body. Legs, buttocks, arms, this is the right order of rowing machines, and if they do not follow this order, then the rowing efficiency is very low, and the body will feel very tired. 3 If the hip is lifted away when the exercise is dried, or you roll directly from the chair to the track, then it means that the force direction is not correct, the posture is incorrect. 4. When the hips use the rowing machine, the core muscles should be tightened, and when each thigh is back, the angle of the back and the thigh remain unchanged. In addition, the movement of the handle and the seat should be synchronized, and the leg is to drive the seat back, and the arms grasp the handle, do not separate the buttocks. 5, the back is stretched straight, the back is straight, the shoulder is relaxed, and keep it vertical, don’t curly it together. Boarding machines are much smaller than running in the knee joint, so appropriate people will be more wide than running.