Is the rowing machine effect?What kinds of types?

The rowing machine is a motion that can work out to more than 85% of the muscles, you can exercise to your arm, thigh, waist and back, etc. during exercise. Moreover, the rowing machine has a good protection against knee and ankle joints. Don’t worry about friction damage to your knees, long-term insistence can exercise your own lung capacity, hand foot strength, and corrective bends back and so on. Once the rowing device, it is very popular, and due to the advancement of technology, there are many types of rowing machines. The following is the introduction of the type of rowing machine: according to the type of resistance, the rowing device can be divided into magnetoresistance, wind resistance, water Block three types 1, magnetoresistive boats are used by magnetic fields, and the flywheels are controlled by magnetic control, and the drought is small, suitable for use at home, will not affect the surrounding rest, the price is relatively low. However, there are also some shortcomings, and the resistance experience of magnetoresistive ship is poor. 2, the wind block ship is larger, and consumers should consider the area of \u200b\u200bthe family and how to place when purchasing. Since the wind resistance type rowing machine is used to increase resistance, there is a certain noise, and the more powerful resistance, the greater the noise. 3. Water-resistant laundry water blocking boat is the highest in all types, the greater the water, the more resistance is, and there is water. The VR situation is simulated, which can be almost achieved in the actual water, and it is more secure and convenient. Water blocking ships will be very troublesome because of water tanks and water tank systems, and consumers who purchase water to block ships regularly clean up the water tank. Although the rowing machine has a lot of species and different, the end is similar, but the resistance of the operation is different. Although there will be differences in the sense of use and volume, the exercise effect is similar, and you can choose according to your own preferences when choosing a rowing machine.