Is the treadmill harm to the knee?

The treadmill has become a familiar and common sports equipment, which is also the main sports equipment in the gym. But many people think of a problem in considering buying treadmills, is it harmful to the knees? It can be said that any exercise will have a certain degree of damage to the knee joint of the body, so that the sports equipment treadmill is also the same, and the knee will produce different degrees of harm. This is a very well-understood process, the process of the body, the health of its body is to present a downper U curve, after the age of a certain node, the body will gradually weaken, which is a process of nature death. However, the correct movement can alleviate this weak process, and due to the shape of the human body and the gravity of gravity, even if it is erecting, it will cause a certain pressure on the knees, and running will also generate a certain pressure and friction on the knee joint. But because this will not run again? This is obviously incorrect. In order to reduce the damage of the body gravity and the ground in order to reduce the injury of the knee, the scientist has made many research. For example, the plastic runway in our student’s campus is to increase the elasticity of running ground, reduce the role of the body when running, reach a certain damping effect, professional running shoes also have a certain effect. The construction technology of running equipment is also improved, by adjusting the degree of tilt of the running counter, the shock absorption of the running station, and the speed setting of the treadmill to reduce the damage to the body joint. The correct use of running equipment is the key to protecting the body, healthy movement. If the runner is easy to damage the rhythm of the running equipment, it is especially someone who can keep up when the speed is started, but with the passage of physical strength, the body gradually can’t keep up, so the situation is for the body. It is very harmful, some may even fall into injury. Therefore, it is necessary to fully understand your physical strength and physical condition when performing exercise, and the right amount of exercise and exercise intensity are the most scientific health. The body weight is also very affected by the runner, the greater the weight, the greater the gravity, the greater the pressure damage to the knee joint, and some people who are overweight should not use running equipment or running.