Dynamic bicycle correct posture | Precautions

Dynamic bikes have many places that need to be paid in the process of use, if the posture is incorrect, not only can’t exercise, but also cause harm to the body. The four main points of the motion bicycle use the posture 1, the seat height should first check and adjust the dynamic bicycle before using the motion bike, from the beginning to avoid part of the damage, and move with the most accurate and comfortable posture. The most appropriate height of the dynamic bicycle seat is the height of the hip near the bicycle, so that the pedal can form a slight curvature in the knee joint when the pedal is at the lowest point. Do not adjust too much, otherwise it will apply too much pressure on the knee, the knee joint has a lot of damage risk; do not adjust too high, so it is not conducive to force. 2, the seat and handle distance the seat and the hand will lead to the distance between the body and the handle, so that the knee joint will apply pressure to the knee joint, resulting in a relatively large harm. When using a dynamic bicycle, the knee should not exceed the tip of the foot, but the seat cannot be too far from the handle. 3, the handle height, some people like to adjust the handle of the motion bike when the riding is bicycle, so that the back ridge has a large curved curness, and the whole body is a bow. At the beginning of the first exercise, I may feel that this posture is more handsome, a type, and convenient legs; but long-term exercise will cause adverse effects on the spine, especially the cervical vertebrae, and the lumbar, severe words may have to visit. In general, after adjusting the seat, adjust the handle to the height of the seat, the back is straight, and it is possible to move properly. 4, do not add resistance to the spinning bike, there is also a brake system, but the wheel in the motion bicycle is much better than ordinary bicycles. If it is not controlled, it is likely to be injured. It can be applied appropriately to the body to properly add some resistance according to its own leg forces and physical tolerance, and use brakes reasonably. The reduction of the damping of the dynamic bicycle is great, but it is also because the intensity intensity is relatively large, it is easy to hurt, and must pay attention to the correct posture and exercise arrangement in the exercise process.

Elliptical movement principle | What benefits?

The elliptical machine is a popular fitness device in recent years. Many people are very curious. What is the movement of the elliptical machine, why can you get the public’s \”favor\”? To explain the motion principle of the elliptical machine, you must first introduce the shape, the outer shape of the elliptical machine can be roughly divided into three parts: armrests, flywheels, pedals, these three interconnected, coordinated sports. The elliptical apparatus is a rigid body used by the wheel components used in the flywheel according to the moving curve of the treadmill, which is a material that is more desirable to deform. When the wheel is reversed, the inertia maintains its twisted peripheral to remain unchanged, the resistance is fly and magnetic to form adjustment, and the motion trajectory of the leg is compared to the nature oval shape. Elliptic equipment is also due to its design highlights – there is no effort to use the camera’s knee joint, and there is almost no harm to the knee joint. Using elliptical equipment to avoid the impact of running on the knee joint, friction damage, etc. The movement of the elliptical equipment and the movement of the ski are very similar. It is necessary to cooperate with the upper limbs and lower limbs. It can improve the body’s coordination ability, while the muscles of the arm, thighs, waist, etc. are also exercised. . However, many elliptical entry is easy to treat them with a treadmill when using an elliptical machine, and the hand is only a stable effect of a balanced body without hard, only the legs are in force. This posture is wrong, not only the body is not exercising, but also because the hands and feet do not cooperate, so that the confrontation between the upper and lower limbs becomes more intense with the force of the leg, so that the body produces fatigue, easy to strap. Using elliptical equipment exercise, it can also prevent, decrease, relieve cervical spondylosis, shoulder inflammation, and pain in the back. Exercise and stimulate the adjustment of sciatic nerve, enhance the endurance and strength of the waist muscle, against the stimulation of the buttocks, thighs, side waist and lower abdomen, to achieve the effect of shaping. The movement intensity of the elliptical equipment is also moderately controllable. It is suitable for those who are not very high in physical quality, and those who have a body shaping weight loss require a suitable choice. The handrail of the ellipse equipment is also equipped with a heart rate sensor, the heart rate, breathing, and heat consumption of the athletes will be displayed in front of the elliptical equipment armrest in real time. This makes the athletes more accurately understand their body and exercise, and can be more scientific and reasonable planning exercise. The elliptical machine is a skill to exercise the heart and lung, but also to lose weight, but also pay attention to the amount of exercise, appropriate exercise, and remember too much.

How to choose a spoken bicycle?

The dynamic bicycle is a very popular sports equipment, full of vitality, passion, and moving together with music, sweating, and takes away the fat and takes away the trouble. Many young white-collars want to buy a station at home, then how should I choose a spoken bicycle? The following Xiaobian introduces the four-point elements you should pay attention to below, how to pay attention to the bike, the quality of the bike is good, the quality is said to count, the body 1. There are many types of motion bikes on the market, the structure of the body is also Home has its own practice, like X-type design, center double front fork, V-type design 2. It is important to note whether the design itself can be evenly dispersed, so that the body can be more stable when riding Shake, the damage to the motion bicycle itself is relatively low. 3. The tube is a part that is easy to compare. The worse the round tube carrying capacity, and the thick square tube or the elliptical tube is large, the stability of the ride is better, the flywheel 1. flywheel The part to pay attention is nothing more than its material and weight, the material is generally divided into two types of iron and aluminum. 2. It is expected to go to most of the flywheels in the market, and the more advanced flying cars will be Use aluminum metal to design flywheel three, resistance brakes 1. Most of the dynamic bikes use friction to form resistance and brakes, but can not avoid a certain noise, easy to cause the resistance wheel. Wear 2. Friction The material used is important, must pay attention to maintenance problems, the motion bike is very easy to sweat, avoid iron-products rust, magnetizers 1. Magnetic control system is the use of magnets and aluminum metal contacts. The so-called eddy current is generated, the stronger the resistance of the contacted area, the stronger the resistance of vortex, which does not cause rubbing, and regardless of the resistance adjustment, stepwright There will be no friction sound, and the operation is quite smooth. In summary, what brand is good? This problem, I am afraid everyone has an answer. When buying, I must combine itself, don’t buy the most expensive, choose the most appropriate.

What kind of riding a motion?

The motion bicycle is increasingly popular in fitness enthusiasts, but it must be kept correctly when exercise can have the best exercise effect. Today, let’s learn how to use a motion bicycle. 1. Sitting position flat riding actions sitting positioning is the most basic dynamic bicycle action, when using the seat position, pay attention to the back of the back, keep the waist is stable, see the front, the arms should not be too tightening, naturally straight straight . Sitting positions The flat riding action is used to use lower or medium-level resistance, usually used in the warm-up phase, the low-strength aerobic training phase and the final relaxation phase. 2, sitting posture climbing action sitting posture climbing action means on the basis of sitting position, lower the upper body torside, arms bend, and force the body balance. Sitting posture climbing action can make hip large muscle muscle groups to strengthen the exercise effect of buttocks, reduce the burden of stock four muscles, improve exercise time, usually with medium high resistance Level, use after sitting position. 3, the station position flat riding action station position is on the basis of sitting positioning, the leg force stops, leaving the seat, and the arms are slightly bending to maintain the body stability. The station position is a bit like, which generally matches the high-strength resistance level, the exercise intensity is large, the weight loss effect is very good, and it is also possible to exercise the four muscle muscle groups of the thigh stocks, usually in sitting posture climbing action. After it is used. 4. On the basis of station grace, the movement of the station position is on the basis of the station, and then move the center of gravity, lower the upper body torso, hold the front end of the car handle, and the arm is in force to maintain the body balance. Station grace is the most motion bicycle action with the highest movement intensity. The body’s movement is very large. There are also many muscles that are called. Therefore, the weight loss effect is also the best, usually in the final sprint phase, with the highest resistance level you can withstand. . 5. Motion bicycle HIIT training HIIT training (high-strength intermittent training) is currently very popular in the fitness population, which combines aerobic exercise with anoxic motion to lose weight and long-term aerobic operation. The motion bicycle is the best way to apply HIIT training due to the convenient speed, more actions. The above is a few riders and the corresponding functions, ensuring the most correct posture to achieve the best exercise effect.

How is the treadmill weight loss?

Many people choose running to exercise, the other is to lose weight, then how is the treadmill weight loss? The treadmill weight loss effect is very good, but in order to make the effect is better or some precautions: one, long running 1. If you want to lose weight through running, you must have more than 40 minutes, in order to make the blood in the blood to burn into the road. Sports, starting fat burning 2. The blood inside the blood is 360 card, more than the part is the amount of burning fat. It is necessary to do warm-up 1. Before running, do warm-up exercise, prevent the muscles, and heat it before running. This muscles are more elastic and soft, and it is not easy to sprain. Third, the diet is regular 1. Do not eat high heat, eat more fruits and vegetables, supplement the body vitamins, do not die weight loss 2. If you lose weight, you don’t need diet, and it is important to ensure normal intake of three meals day. Method can effectively help lose weight 3. Eat more coarse food, guarantee that sufficient protein can be taken daily, can improve the metabolism and provide an essential amino acid to exercise, eat vegetables, eat fish meat, and finally eat pasta. Fourth, try to run slowly 1. Try to lose weight, slowly promote fat burning, and will not increase the burden on the calf, you can also help lose weight on the running equipment 2. It can also accelerate the arm and foot muscles. New metabolism, having a better weight loss effect. 3. Everyone has different speeds, depending on factors such as heart rate, and the male is about 6.5-8.0, with a woman about 5-6.4. Want to have a good weight loss effect, just running in the running machine, you can combine with other sports, such as swimming, cycling, etc., reasonable diet, correct exercise, naturally lose weight.

What are the advantages of home elliptical machine?Why do you get everyone’s favor?

Nowadays, the use of elliptical machines is very common, the fitness market is so fierce, the elliptical machine can stand out, with a solid status, must have its unique charm. So, what are the advantages of elliptical machine? Xiaobian takes everyone! 1. Relatively safe use of the elliptical machine to the knee damage is much smaller than using a treadmill. The intensity of the elliptical machine is also more suitable for beginners, or less working with less work, can do not exercise too much fatigue. 2. Relative mute elliptical has no noise, and mute is very important for the fitness equipment that is often used at home. If you have a fitness at home, if your fitness equipment is not quiet, you can’t generate neighborhood disputes or disturb the rest of other family members. Choose a relatively mute fitness equipment to perfectly avoid this happening. 3. If the relative environmental protection is inevitable, it will inevitably affect the environment, but it is necessary to vary from person to person. For a small amount of amateur, the small intensity elliptical machine that does not need to use electricity is complete enough. 4, relatively simple elliptical machine is aerobic exercise, the exercise intensity is small relative to the treadmill, the operation is also simple, mainly to exercise the body’s coordination, stretch the muscles, stretch the body. 5, at any time to choose the home elliptical exercise, you can do any time, place, weather, just want to exercise, you can start the exercise to combine these advantages of the home elliptical machine, is it really want to have a home at home? ? The heart is not as good as action, come and pick a product!

How much is the treadmill size?how to choose?

Many people have many problems in the purchase of runners, and I don’t know how to choose running. How to choose to buy? The size of the treadmill can be considered from two aspects: 1. Overall size 1. Treadmill in order to easily meet the needs of consumers, getting higher-tech, most running The machine has foldable functions. 2. When purchasing a treadmill, you must first have a good spatial size at home, determine where the treadmill is placed, and then choose the running machine according to the size of the space. 3. Remember the reserved running space must be better than the treadmill space, because the people in the man and the arms are in the left and right, and the space is too tight to run. 4. Although the treadmill does not need to accommodate the folding daily, it can also be considered whether the size of the treadmill is convenient to accommodate the reserved space. Second, running table size running table size can also be understood as the size of the running belt. The treadmill is a power principle using the conveyor belt to enable people to run on the conveyor belt, and the size of the running tape is equivalent to the area of \u200b\u200bthe runway we run outdoors. Taking into account the overall space size and cost budget, it is generally 45cm left and right width. There will be an armrest on both sides of the treadmill, and it also guarantees the safety problem when runner movement. Today, this is just a brief introduction to the two aspects of the treadmill purchase. When you actually buy, you should be based on your true needs, and it is best to go to the physical store to feel it, so buying more, it is not wrong.

Which elliptical machine and treadmill are better?

Household elliptical machine is also known \”Space Snap Machine\”, because when using a home elliptical machine, its sports posture is like a stroll in space, and therefore, it has obtained this romantic, which is also from the side to the elliptical machine. favorite. Household ellipsoras are an aerobic exercise fitness equipment, and the difference between it and the treadmill is to protect the knee joint. We all know that although the running movement is good for your body, you can exercise, but simultaneously rubbing the knee, it is damaged. Just like a machine, it is often used to keep the machine’s operation without rust, but it is worn on the machine, and it will be scrapped in a certain period of time. This is also true, the size of the fat, the effect of fat, running weight loss is obvious in a short period of time, but the wear of the knee is also more serious. The movement trajectory of the elliptical machine is a natural ellipse trajectory. It is very comfortable to use for a force when used, and does not hurt the knee. Then why have the elliptical machine has this magical effect? Because it has a flywheel, and there are two kinds of flywheel preamp and flywheel, what is the difference between these two? First, the driver of the elliptical machine after the back elliptical machine is placed behind the machine, imitate Walking or running movement, its structure is simple and easy to maintain. But it will be relatively light, which is also small in terms of floor area, more suitable for people with lighter weight, and will be priced with the front elliptical machine. Second, the front elliptical front elliptle is placed in front of the flywheel, and the people will be forward, but because the use of large flywheels will be more stable and smoother. The preamp is more difficult than the post-production process, so the price will be higher, and more places. The effectiveness of the flywheel of the home elliptical machine is not big, and it can be selected according to its own budget when choosing.

What is the benefit of running?Is a treadmill reliable?

When our weather is good, you can run outdoors, when the weather is poor, you can use a treadmill in the room. Long-term insistence is not only the exercise of the body, and there are many very many meaning. Many people have a year, and they will run on a day. Even if they are tired, they still don’t give up, can we get some from running? I have such a friend, spiritual glow, every morning, I always go to work in the morning. With a smile, no young people sleep in the morning, and a fatigue look. Many people asked him, why he is so good, friend said that because it may be insisted on running every day. When the weather is good, in the park, you will run the world’s colorful, playing children, chatting a big mom, playing chess, if the weather is not good, you can use a very good treadmill with a performance He said that this hour of running every day is the easiest and enjoyment of him a day. When exercising, you can leave every worries and things, quietly listen to your breathing, footsteps, and feel the confrontation of each with the heart of the body. Many people go to the healthy run, many people will run better to find better themselves in order to relax and run. The initial run is very hard, not a few steps will be panting, I want to stop the pace, the person who does not stick to it is as always, there is no change, but the part of the friend who insists on slowly finds that she seems to have sublimated. People who have long-standing running are very resistant to sexy, which is very tough to shape character. This is a lot of people who are lacking, so running is a way to develop self-discipline habits. The city is not convenient to run outdoor, so a good treadmill is very important. I want to find a better life. I will start from the long run, fall in love with the way, fall in love with life. From watching apricot, open to the gorge, stick to running, you will see these beautiful and warm lives.

Who is the rowing machine suitable for?How is the exercise effect?

The rowing machine is also known as the boating, earliest is used to help the rowing players’ daily training. With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people like to go to this sports project, and rowing machines are getting more and more popular. The boating is a very idiological movement, but the rowing exercise is also subject to many restrictions, seasonal, time, weather, and the risk of outdoor rowing sports is relatively high. The birth of the indoor rowing machine is not only innovative, but also lets the people who love the boating can enjoy the fun of rowing, even in the cold winter night, they can enjoy sports entertainment. Which people are suitable for use? What are the people who are suitable for buying rowing machines? 1 project. The rowing machine can fully exercise the arm, waist, rear back and thighs when using rowing machines, and relieve the stiffness of the arm, waist, back and thighs when using rowing machine. 2, the elderly people are old, the skills of the body also decline, more attention when exercising. Because the bones of the elderly people are fragile than the young bones, pay attention to avoid the intensity of excessive exercise when choosing a sports project. The rowing machine is a power-type sports equipment. The intensity of sports can be adjusted with resistance, and is moving on the cushion, and can move to the arms and legs, which is very suitable for older people. 3, people with heavy weight for people who need to lose weight overweight, running on the frictional damage of the knee. The rowing machine can not only exercise more than 85% of the muscles of the whole body, but the amount of motion consumed by the same time is much higher than the other movement, and the principle of the movement is protected by knee joint and ankle joints, which will not cause damage.