What are the benefits of using water to block the boat exercise?

The water blocking boat is born to the present, but in the twenty years, why is it widely loved? What is the benefit of using water blocking boat? Use the four benefits of water blocking boat, lose weight 1. American sports medical school pointed out that to achieve weight loss effect, boating 60 to 90 minutes a day, the longer exercise time, The more the burning calories 2. The larger the body weight, the higher the calories, and the high-intensity interval training is better. In short, the resistance or fast boating can achieve the effect of rapid fattening. Exercise Cardiopulmonary function 1. Swimming, cycling, boating aerobics can exercise heart and lung function, strengthen heart and lungs by improving heart rate and maintaining high frequency heartbeat, rowing machine is a good aerobic exercise, as long as Put the resistance to a relatively low level, speed up the boat frequency, will soon find the heartbeat change, this is to enter the aerobic state three, exercise muscles 1. Take the boating machine to call the full body 84% of the muscles, each time The cycle will use the legs, buttocks, in addition to this, the upper body of the muscles, strengthen the muscles of the back, shoulders and arms. 2. By short-term boating, you can exercise the endurance and explosive force of the muscles. Reducing the pressure 1 Do not like to the gym to go to fitness, this time the rowing machine will become your best choice, buy a buzzard, one side of the brush 2. If you choose a smart rowing machine, you can experience the boating of the scene. When you feel that you are constrained, use a rowing machine is also a good decompression method, the water is accompanied by breathing, and the troubles are of course, although the water blocking boat is very good, you can give us health, but no matter What sports can’t be too much, the rowing machine is the same, don’t overdue!