What are the mistakes when using rowing machines?

The rowing machine is deeply affected by the fast fat burning characteristics, the amount of exercise, the amount of fat, the amount of fat consumed, is a few times of other sports equipment, how can this exercise similar to \”cheating\” can not like. Moreover, the rowing machine is in motion because there is no damage to the knee and ankle joints, so it does not have to worry about the knee joint when using the rowing machine. The entry of the rowatula is very simple, even if it is not used, it can be drawn, but it is also because it is easy to get started. Many people do not pay attention to it. The wrong posture is not only the effect of exercise, but also causing harm to the body, especially the back is easily injured. What is easy to have when using a rowing machine? First, we need to check the sports equipment in advance when you use a sports equipment. Driving should be a seat belt, check the equipment is responsible for our physical security, love your performance, so that you will be exempt from most dangerous. Use the rowing machine to adjust the resistance gear of the rowing device according to your own physical condition, don’t go up, it is likely to cause muscle damage due to improper resistance. Second, just use the upper extremity rowing device to be a system of body motion, and the arm, thigh, calf, and back and other parts are coordinated. A large part of the tank of the rowing device is pushed. If only the power of the arm is only used, not only the body does not get the correct exercise, but also hurt the arm. Third, the back curved in the rowing is straight, relax the shoulders, open your belly muscles. The spine during exercise is in neutrality, but people who have been in the long time, may not consciously make the back, be careful when exercise. Although the motion effect of the rowing machine is good, it should also pay attention to its own band and sports intensity, reasonable movement.