What are the new back muscle training methods to efficiently improve the back muscle

Although it is said that fitness veterans will focus more on training the back of this statement, but we need to know is that regardless of newcomers or veterans, the back is a particularly important position, we need to practice well. Novices do not know what to do when it comes to training. So today we will introduce some novice back muscle training methods, here we go together to see it!

Novice back muscle training methods are what

Sitting rowing
We only need to remember one thing when carrying out this action can be a good exercise for the back muscles, can be very clear to find the feeling of back muscle force, that is, when doing the action properly tighten the shoulder blades, so that the back muscles backward proper contraction.

The purpose of doing so is to reduce the involvement of rotator cuff muscle groups in the back muscles and reduce the degree of body borrowing. When we row in a seated position, clenching the scapulae allows the rotator cuff muscles and the trapezius muscles to not have enough room to move, so that we can rely only on the latissimus dorsi. So this action can be very fast to find the back muscle force sense, if you can contract the back muscle backward more fully, you can also very good exercise to the lower part of our trapezius muscle, so that the thickness of the back muscle to get a good workout.

What are the novice back muscle training methods

Narrow distance high pull down
When doing this movement we must do two things, one thing is that the weight should not be too large, preferably 12RM is better, and each time the repetition of the movement is very standard. The other thing is that the scapulae must be retracted backwards when performing. When we do this, if we can tighten the scapulae, our rotator cuff muscles and back muscles will be in a more stable state, and the latissimus dorsi will be more conducive to force, so it’s easier to find the feeling.

In the process of body upward, your chin better be over the bar, downward, your elbow joints should be straight but not super extension. In addition, our hands on the bar grip distance is best to wide grip distance, that is, almost their own a half shoulder width distance, with this grip distance, can be as far as possible to reduce their arms biceps force, so as to increase our back muscle force.