What is the benefit of running?Is a treadmill reliable?

When our weather is good, you can run outdoors, when the weather is poor, you can use a treadmill in the room. Long-term insistence is not only the exercise of the body, and there are many very many meaning. Many people have a year, and they will run on a day. Even if they are tired, they still don’t give up, can we get some from running? I have such a friend, spiritual glow, every morning, I always go to work in the morning. With a smile, no young people sleep in the morning, and a fatigue look. Many people asked him, why he is so good, friend said that because it may be insisted on running every day. When the weather is good, in the park, you will run the world’s colorful, playing children, chatting a big mom, playing chess, if the weather is not good, you can use a very good treadmill with a performance He said that this hour of running every day is the easiest and enjoyment of him a day. When exercising, you can leave every worries and things, quietly listen to your breathing, footsteps, and feel the confrontation of each with the heart of the body. Many people go to the healthy run, many people will run better to find better themselves in order to relax and run. The initial run is very hard, not a few steps will be panting, I want to stop the pace, the person who does not stick to it is as always, there is no change, but the part of the friend who insists on slowly finds that she seems to have sublimated. People who have long-standing running are very resistant to sexy, which is very tough to shape character. This is a lot of people who are lacking, so running is a way to develop self-discipline habits. The city is not convenient to run outdoor, so a good treadmill is very important. I want to find a better life. I will start from the long run, fall in love with the way, fall in love with life. From watching apricot, open to the gorge, stick to running, you will see these beautiful and warm lives.