What kind of riding a motion?

The motion bicycle is increasingly popular in fitness enthusiasts, but it must be kept correctly when exercise can have the best exercise effect. Today, let’s learn how to use a motion bicycle. 1. Sitting position flat riding actions sitting positioning is the most basic dynamic bicycle action, when using the seat position, pay attention to the back of the back, keep the waist is stable, see the front, the arms should not be too tightening, naturally straight straight . Sitting positions The flat riding action is used to use lower or medium-level resistance, usually used in the warm-up phase, the low-strength aerobic training phase and the final relaxation phase. 2, sitting posture climbing action sitting posture climbing action means on the basis of sitting position, lower the upper body torside, arms bend, and force the body balance. Sitting posture climbing action can make hip large muscle muscle groups to strengthen the exercise effect of buttocks, reduce the burden of stock four muscles, improve exercise time, usually with medium high resistance Level, use after sitting position. 3, the station position flat riding action station position is on the basis of sitting positioning, the leg force stops, leaving the seat, and the arms are slightly bending to maintain the body stability. The station position is a bit like, which generally matches the high-strength resistance level, the exercise intensity is large, the weight loss effect is very good, and it is also possible to exercise the four muscle muscle groups of the thigh stocks, usually in sitting posture climbing action. After it is used. 4. On the basis of station grace, the movement of the station position is on the basis of the station, and then move the center of gravity, lower the upper body torso, hold the front end of the car handle, and the arm is in force to maintain the body balance. Station grace is the most motion bicycle action with the highest movement intensity. The body’s movement is very large. There are also many muscles that are called. Therefore, the weight loss effect is also the best, usually in the final sprint phase, with the highest resistance level you can withstand. . 5. Motion bicycle HIIT training HIIT training (high-strength intermittent training) is currently very popular in the fitness population, which combines aerobic exercise with anoxic motion to lose weight and long-term aerobic operation. The motion bicycle is the best way to apply HIIT training due to the convenient speed, more actions. The above is a few riders and the corresponding functions, ensuring the most correct posture to achieve the best exercise effect.