What should I pay attention to when using treadmills?

With the fast-pace of urban life, physical fatigue and \”sub-health\” gradually attracted people’s attention, and treadmills are also popular in work. However, what are the precautions in the process of exercise in the process of exercise? First, remember the empty stomach movement 1. Many people like to work in the morning, but they should eat something before training, and fasting exercise is easy to cause sports anemia 2. Drink a cup of juice before exercise, or eat a banana, you can make you feel energetic Exercise, but don’t eat junk food, such as deep-fried bread circle, warm up 1. Before running, you must warm up, make a sturdy action, improve the temperature of muscles, make the muscles more soft, avoid big, calf muscles hurt. 2. After the running machine, you should start from slow, jogging and other \”dynamic\” warmth, gradually increase the amount of exercise, which is usually suitable for 10-15 minutes. Third, choose the right mode 1. Select the quick start mode, the good running opportunity presets a set of programs, just follow the prompts to enter the data, you can choose different exercise methods. 1. To stand in The middle part of the running belt is too easy to step on the base, and it is easy to be taken out after too much. Five, slowly stop 1. When you stop running, you should slowly stop, you will make your brain feel dizzy, gradually dropping the speed, there will be no such situation. Finally, Xiaobian also reminds that in addition to these elements, the correct use of treadmill should pay attention to check whether the equipment is normal to avoid security hazards.