Where is the motion bicycle main practice?Is it good to lose weight?

Dynamic bike class As a hot project in the gym, what kind of charm? Today, come and see the benefits of motion bikes. I. Enhancing the strength of muscles is unquestionable. People who have exercise experience know that long-term adherence to the forging muscles can be greatly enhanced. We position the riding time 3 to 4 times, and 40 minutes to an hour each time, reasonable riding will make the muscles to create a large extent. Naturally, the natural bicycle exercise is the muscles of the lower limbs, which will keep the legs and hips to maintain a relatively beautiful line. Second, enhancement of heart and pulmonary function-sensing bicycles as aerobic exercises, each class will burn the calories of about 500 kilograms, while allowing the rider’s heart and pulmonary ability to enhance. Each part of the human body rely on oxygen, oxygen burning energy, organ and muscles can be active, good cardiopulmonary function, body main machine can healthily operate, thus suffering from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, endocrine system disease, respiratory disease The opportunity will be lower. Third, the enhanced atmosphere is why there is \”dynamic\” two words, because there are many people involved in motion bicycles, there are many colleges in each class, and the dynamic music is played, and the rhythm is adjusted. So now the atmosphere is very active, and the active atmosphere also makes the rider more passion in the exercise process. I have seen so many benefits of motion bicycles. I feel the enthusiasm of the dynamic. I don’t hurry to join! Let us enjoy the happiness brought by this ride!