Which elliptical machine and treadmill are better?

Household elliptical machine is also known \”Space Snap Machine\”, because when using a home elliptical machine, its sports posture is like a stroll in space, and therefore, it has obtained this romantic, which is also from the side to the elliptical machine. favorite. Household ellipsoras are an aerobic exercise fitness equipment, and the difference between it and the treadmill is to protect the knee joint. We all know that although the running movement is good for your body, you can exercise, but simultaneously rubbing the knee, it is damaged. Just like a machine, it is often used to keep the machine’s operation without rust, but it is worn on the machine, and it will be scrapped in a certain period of time. This is also true, the size of the fat, the effect of fat, running weight loss is obvious in a short period of time, but the wear of the knee is also more serious. The movement trajectory of the elliptical machine is a natural ellipse trajectory. It is very comfortable to use for a force when used, and does not hurt the knee. Then why have the elliptical machine has this magical effect? Because it has a flywheel, and there are two kinds of flywheel preamp and flywheel, what is the difference between these two? First, the driver of the elliptical machine after the back elliptical machine is placed behind the machine, imitate Walking or running movement, its structure is simple and easy to maintain. But it will be relatively light, which is also small in terms of floor area, more suitable for people with lighter weight, and will be priced with the front elliptical machine. Second, the front elliptical front elliptle is placed in front of the flywheel, and the people will be forward, but because the use of large flywheels will be more stable and smoother. The preamp is more difficult than the post-production process, so the price will be higher, and more places. The effectiveness of the flywheel of the home elliptical machine is not big, and it can be selected according to its own budget when choosing.