Who is the rowing machine suitable for?How is the exercise effect?

The rowing machine is also known as the boating, earliest is used to help the rowing players’ daily training. With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people like to go to this sports project, and rowing machines are getting more and more popular. The boating is a very idiological movement, but the rowing exercise is also subject to many restrictions, seasonal, time, weather, and the risk of outdoor rowing sports is relatively high. The birth of the indoor rowing machine is not only innovative, but also lets the people who love the boating can enjoy the fun of rowing, even in the cold winter night, they can enjoy sports entertainment. Which people are suitable for use? What are the people who are suitable for buying rowing machines? 1 project. The rowing machine can fully exercise the arm, waist, rear back and thighs when using rowing machines, and relieve the stiffness of the arm, waist, back and thighs when using rowing machine. 2, the elderly people are old, the skills of the body also decline, more attention when exercising. Because the bones of the elderly people are fragile than the young bones, pay attention to avoid the intensity of excessive exercise when choosing a sports project. The rowing machine is a power-type sports equipment. The intensity of sports can be adjusted with resistance, and is moving on the cushion, and can move to the arms and legs, which is very suitable for older people. 3, people with heavy weight for people who need to lose weight overweight, running on the frictional damage of the knee. The rowing machine can not only exercise more than 85% of the muscles of the whole body, but the amount of motion consumed by the same time is much higher than the other movement, and the principle of the movement is protected by knee joint and ankle joints, which will not cause damage.